Agensi Kaunseling & Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) Malaysia Assists Smes In Debt Refinancing | 马来西亚AKPK帮助中小企业债务重组

Kuala Lumpur, April 12, 2021: When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, various small and medium-sized enterprises suffered from financial problems when the country’s economy was adversely affected. In addition, the current Movement Control Order has not been able to alleviate their problems as well.

In this regard, AKPK, besides helping individuals to restructure their debts, it also  provides financial management education and consultation to small and medium-sized and micro-enterprises that had suffered heavy debt burdens.

In a meeting with AKPK’s general manager, Nor Fazieen Zakaria,    and the SME Association of Malaysia, she explained that AKPK relied on its experience and expertise of the past to help small and medium-sized enterprises facing difficulties in debt repayment, liaise with banks and implement more suitable repayment plans.

She said that Bank Negara Malaysia has established the Small Debt Resolution Scheme (SDRS) in 2003 to provide assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises that faced debt problems, insolvency and reorganised or re-arranged loans with a number of financial institutions. Since its establishment, SDRS has helped more than 1,200 SMEs restructure their debts of up to RM1.7 billion.

This visit gave us a better understanding of the form and structure of AKPK. The SME Association of Malaysia hopes to have further cooperation with AKPK and obtain more financial management education information and services provided by AKPK to SMEs.

Special thanks to Ms. Ada Poon, Chairman of SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Young Entr. Division), for making this event a complete success.

Other participants included Ms. Miccele Siow, Deputy Chairman of SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Young Entr. Division), Ms. Masinne Yup, General Secretary of SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Young Entr. Division),  Mr. Sam Tsen, Head of the Business Development Group of SME Malaysia (Young Entrepreneurs Division), and Ms. Kate Yong, Head of the Public Relations Group of SME Malaysia (Young Entrepreneurs Division) .



Nor Fazieen Zakaria 总经理表示国行是在2003年成立SDRS,以期为所有面对偿债能力的中小企业提供援助,和多家金融机构重组或重新安排贷款。成立至今已经帮助超过1200家中小企业重组高达17亿令吉的债务。




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