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Why Digitalise Your Business?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to stay relevant in their respective industry. Most companies have enforced a remote work model, a change that would usually take months or even years, happened practically overnight during quarantine period.

It might seem like a daunting effort at first to implement something so foreign but it pays off in the long run as proven by many companies in a short span of two to three months. Currently, some businesses are fortunate enough to restart or rebuild post-quarantine by executing standard operating procedures imposed by the government. As for others, they are forced to cease their business as they were faced with finance-related problems.

The main takeaway from the quarantine period is to promptly transform business digitally. It might be logical for many businesses right now to simply go into survival mode and wait out the pandemic but it might be a costly mistake. When done right, a successful digital transformation will make your business much more competitive, and retain customers better.

Strategies to Digitalise Your Business

There are a few key strategies to begin your digital transformation for your business:

1. Update your website or get one if there isn’t any

During the pandemic, if someone is thinking about utilising your services or buying from your business, chances are they will most likely explore your website first. Your website lets your customers understand your company’s mission and services better and also, updating them regarding your approach on minimising the spread of the virus. Through this, confidence will be instilled or restored in them and this will bring great credibility to your company. If you’re running a conventional business without a website, fret not, as there are a lot of affordable website services out there.

2. Add e-commerce to your website or utilise online marketplaces

In an era where brick and mortar stores still reign supreme in giving the best shopping experience, it’s pretty apparent that a lot of businesses are shifting towards online marketplaces during this pandemic period. Many businesses that were not ready to sell products online previously, have come to realise that e-commerce may be the most viable option to sustain their business. There are many e-commerce options for websites such as Woocommerce (WordPress), Shopify, EasyStore, OpenCart, and so on. And all these options will not break a bank to implement them.

If getting your own website is not an option, there are many online marketplaces out there such as Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10, just to name a few. The cost of running your own store in these online marketplaces is pretty low and affordable to SMEs. That should be able to give you some leverage in generating sales without a high overhead.

3. Make use of social media marketing

As people are forced to stay at home and practice social distancing, many are looking for ways to connect with one another, and social media is filling that void. During the pandemic, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO reported that usage on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger “has more than doubled since the start of the crisis.” By capitalising on this, you can start building your own following or audience on social media. For those that have built your own following, be mindful that it’s important to continue engaging your audience. Listed below are some tips on how to continue an active social media presence:

  • Share a worthy alternative
    Your customers may rely on you for a service or product that cannot fully be replaced while social distancing. To fill this void, consider sharing ‘worthy alternatives’ on social media. For instance, gyms may share daily at-home workout videos to substitute gym closing. Restaurants may share or provide DIY meal kits for customers that still want a taste of what they are missing during the quarantine period.
  • Provide updated industry news
    Keep your customers up to date on your business industry and the standard operating procedures when you open.
  • Utilise social media ads.
    To grow a larger audience, you have to target outside of your current network or following. With social media ads, you are able to do so. Engage with a social media marketing agency if you have the budget as this will further boost your sales.

Don't Know Where to Start? Let Us Help

The constant changes, quick pace of the industry, new information, and uncertainty is enough to make even the most organised businesses feel pressured and overwhelmed. Even if you feel you are proficient in running your website and handling social media marketing, it can be mentally demanding when it becomes one of the only ways you are communicating with your customers. We at Benjmarc Marketing are here to assist and help you navigate through this new digital and marketing landscape the pandemic has created.

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