Boost Facilitates Micro & SMEs with Digitisation

Boost Facilitates Micro & SMEs with Digitisation

With the recent widespread of COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were implicated negatively. It was either innovate fast or get left behind to be swallowed by the drastic plunge of cash flow to sustain themselves.

As the pandemic continues to unravel itself, many Micro and Small to Medium Enterprises (MSME) were propelled to digitise their businesses in order to be relevant in their own market. Many programs were offered to ease the MSME in this process as this might seem like an unsettling task.

A well-fitted campaign launched by Boost; the Micro & SME e-Commerce Campaign aims to assist MSME to digitise their business with a simple, hassle-free and cost-effective solution. The programme is not only free for the merchants but also offers rewards and benefits of up to RM1,500 such as cash incentive up to RM 500, advertising to over 8.5 million Boost users worth RM 500, and also an onboarding fee waiver of RM 500.

With all these perks offered by Boost, this ensures business owners are able to stay ahead of the competition and help take their businesses to the next level. Boost merchants are also supported with RM 10 million worth of advertising and incentives.

In addition, Boost equips their merchants with tools and offers many benefits such as:

  1. Business Payment Link which enables the merchant to receive payments with just a tap of a button, secure and effortless. Merchants are able to share the link seamlessly and ensure the business interactions between customers are more official and legitimate. Furthermore, Business Payment Link protects Boost merchants by preventing any last minute order cancellation from customers (Once payment is made via Business Payment Link, orders cannot be cancelled).
  2. Payment Tracking in the Boost Business App as analytics plays a huge part in Boost’s ecosystem. This helps merchants keep track of their received payment to ease accounting purposes in the future.
  3. Merchants will be featured on Boost’s own Marketplace and Boost App itself. Boost users are able to reach out directly to merchants regarding their products whereas orders and payments can be made via Business Payment Link. In the Boost Marketplace, users are able to search for categories such as F&B, Health & Beauty, Retail, Household Goods & Groceries, Transit & Travel, and On-Demand Services. With Boost’s vast user base, merchants are able to get more exposure and brand awareness which will definitely help in generating more sales via advertising on Boost when merchants sign up for the campaign.
  4. In order to further drive the local economy and businesses, Boost users will be entitled with a cashback of up to RM 25 when they shop with Boost merchants thus, adding more value to both merchants and users.

The Micro & SME e-Commerce Campaign is currently ongoing till 30th September, 2020. If you are an owner of any Micro and Small to Medium Enterprises, this is a great opportunity to sign up now to receive your #KasiTambah up to RM 1,500 worth of benefits.

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