Building A Sustainable Business in the Digital Economy

Building A Sustainable Business in the Digital Economy

Most businesses struggle when trying to grow their business and they are not sure why.  Despite trying various methods, they are unable to replicate their results on a consistent basis and feel helpless when trying to grow their business.

As the business environment continue to evolve on a constant and fast paced basis, businesses who are not able to keep up will fail within two years.

So how do successful companies continue to grow inspite of the challenging conditions?.  What are some of the methods that they use that allows them grow faster than ever among the competitors?

In this specially developed program, find out how these companies are not only able to grow but thrive in the same economic environment that you are also exposed to.  Learn the unique methodology and secrets that they are using to beat their competitors.

You will be exposed to a step-by-step approach to build a sustainable business using a hybrid learning model encompassing online self-learning and live virtual meetings.  You will also be required to apply your learning through a set of specially developed worksheets to develop your business playbook.

Who is it for?

  • New entrepreneurs who wants to start a business
  • Existing entrepreneurs who wants to grow their business
  • Corporate Entrepreneurs (Intrapreneurs) who is looking at adding value to the company’s objective

What will you learn

  • Business Landscape of the 21st Century
  • Understanding Your Business Environment
  • Scanning Your Market
  • Analysing Your Opportunities
  • Scoping Your Innovation
  • Customer Development
  • Approaches to Research
  • Customer Interview Approach
  • Understanding Your Minimum Viable Product
  • Today’s concept of marketing
  • Developing Your Value Proposition
  • Creating Your Market Messaging

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