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To help upgrade micro Enterprises to small and to medium industries by providing Training, consulting and solutions.


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Our Mission

Overview of BRC

The Business Regeneration Center (BRC) is an initiative by SME Association to upgrade the quality of micro and small to medium industries in Malaysia to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness so they will be able to grow their business.

Through an industry-academia collaboration with universities and strategic partners, it aims to upskill and reskill MSME owners and talent pool and provide services to level up the business operations and market growth of MSME.

This will subsequently increase business agility, growth potential and sustainability of the MSME both locally and internationally which will result in the creation of wealth leading towards achieving a high-income nation. This will also increase the SME GDP contribution and SME export.

Reskill/Upskill SME Owners

We help to reskill and upskill SME owners and workers by working with universities and training providers to provide relevant training and academic programs.  Our programs are divided into:

1.Traditional Academic Programs e.g. Degree, Bachelor or Masters
2.Experiential Programs e.g APEL A, C or Q where your working experience is used to help you earn a university degree
3.Enrichment programs which are short and relevant to your challenges

Business Lab

Our business lab focuses on step-by-step training and coaching including practical experience from beginning to end to help move up MSME and transform ready SMEs to export market.


These training and coaching programs are usually longer (5-8 days) compared to the normal training programs and includes practical implementation of the knowledge taught.  It includes mentoring and coaching to make sure that the knowledge is applied to the business


Business Clinic

The business clinic will provide specific help to challenges that the MSMEs may face during their business


These challenges may be because of new regulations, processes or new technology eg. a traditional business may require help in digital marketing to market a new product.

The business clinic will provide the solution to solve the challenges by working with consultants or specialist that is appropriate to solve the challenge that business is facing

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