Business Tourism Investigation Group | 马来西亚中小企公会商务旅游考察团

Business Tourism Investigation Group | 马来西亚中小企公会商务旅游考察团

Datuk Michael Kang, the National  President of SME Association of Malaysia, led  20 directors and members to Labuan Island for a three-day business fact-finding tour starting from 1st September 2020. It was aimed at creating opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between entrepreneurs to build Labuan into a favourable place for doing business, leisure and living.

The guests included Mr Chin Chee Seong, National Vice President of SME Association of Malaysia, Ms.Ada Poon  , Chairman of  SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Youth Entr. Division) , and Ms Miccele Siow, Deputy Chairman of SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Youth Entr. Division), together with Datin Cherlin Cheah, Chairman of the Shanghai Businesswomen Social Club.

The visitors were hosted to a luncheon by the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA) upon arrival. After that, they visited the LOFSA office for an offshore financial services briefing to better understand the requirements and benefits of setting up an offshore company in Labuan. The visitors attended a private beach party at the Palm Beach Resort & SPA in the evening.

The second day’s activities included a snorkeling trip to enchanting Pulau Rusukan and viewing the magnificent oil and gas industries along Brunei Bay.

In the evening, the delegation attended a dinner hosted by the Labuan Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hotel Aifa. Other guests included Dr. Fary Akmal Osman,  Chief Executive Officer of Perbadanan Labuan, YB Rozman Isli, Member of Parliament for Labuan, and leaders of various Chinese communities.

Labuan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and SME Association of Malaysia to form partnership to develop the national economy

Dato’ Wong Kii Yii, President of the Labuan Chinese Chamber of Commerce, remarked that his association was preparing to form a partnership with the SME Association of Malaysia to collaborate in developing Labuan and the national economy when speaking at the Hotel Aifa dinner.

Datuk Micheal Kang, in his speech, suggested that the two parties form a sister association to help businesses develop Labuan into a free trade centre.

Dato’ Wong said the suggestion was appropriate and worthy of implementation by both parties in order to achieve a win-win result and work hand in hand, heart to heart to contribute towards the economic development of Labuan and country.

He said Labuan welcomed the visit of the SME Malaysia members in order to work together to overcome the pandemic, promote business exchanges and revitalise the country’s economy.


Dato’ Wong also said the Labuan Chamber of Commerce welcomed and supported the introduction of domestic and foreign investment, especially companies, and that the establishment of factories had great development potential. His chamber  could also help establish  close cooperation with government departments in Labuan to guide and provide assistance to investors.

He suggested that the SME Association of Malaysia set up a branch on the island to join hands with the Chamber of Commerce to assist in the development of the island’s SMEs and promote economic cooperation.


 Unlimited business opportunities

Datuk Michael Kang commended the theme of Chamber of Commerce’s banquet in promoting business exchanges and revitalising the national economy and that there may be opportunities from the pandemic.

He said his association came to better understand Labuan and that the island offered tremendous business potential.

“We believe that in 2030, small and medium-sized enterprises will contribute 50% of the country’s economic benefits, and they will also be comparable to major countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, and Germany,” he said.

SME Association of Malaysia (formerly SMI Association of Malaysia) was established on 13th July 1995 with the objectives of promoting, providing support, services and solutions towards the best interest of small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses in Malaysia. Since the inception, the Association has been organizing numerous mega and international conferences, seminars, award, exhibition and localised projects to educate, elevate and expose its members as well as small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses in Malaysia. The Association is also actively engaged in dialogues with the various government ministries to provide feedback on the needs and improvements required for a stronger and more professional small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses, representing 99.2% of the Malaysian economic establishment.






闽商会大马中小企业公会 准备缔结为姐妹会 携手发展国家经济











「我们透过这一次的组团前来了解,就是希望促进交流及振兴经济;尤其小巧的闽岛商机大,发展空间无限。 」