Corporate Visit 1.0: What can you learn from Beauty in the Pot? | [企业拜访1.0] 企业的历程与商业模式和女企业家的成功故事

Corporate Visit 1.0: What can you learn from Beauty in the Pot? | [企业拜访1.0] 企业的历程与商业模式和女企业家的成功故事

Kuala Lumpur, August 11, 2020: On any road towards entrepreneurship, there must be  people who behave vigorously, powerfully and professionally towards their goals. “Women aren’t willing to left behind men” is often a compliment to women entrepreneurs who have to face the ever-changing market environment. These women have opened up the business world with the right spirit of entrepreneurs by not being afraid of failure and are equipped with their personal charm and capabilities.

The first corporate visit organised by SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. Division) for women entrepreneurs was to a well-known hotpot restaurant, Beauty in the Pot,  under PARADISE (F&B) MALAYSIA SDN BHD. The keynote speaker was Ms. Elyna TanChief Executive Officer (CEO) of PARADISE (F&B) MALAYSIA SDN BHD. With more than 18 years of experience in various industries such as catering, corporate marketing, business development, advertising and brand building, she can be said to be an energetic leader among women entrepreneurs in the new era.

A total 20 outstanding women entrepreneurs visited the【Beauty In The Pot】branch located at The Gardens Mall. Besides touring restaurant’s kitchen up close, they also witnessed the preparation process of the entire catering industry. Of course, everyone had to go through the kitchen’s strict food hygiene control process before they could step into the kitchen and speak to the well-trained staff. The result of the staff’s training often result in diners who come to the【Beauty In The Pot】to be amazed by the exquisiteness of the dishes and excellent service by all team members.

Special thanks to Datuk Micheal Kang, National President of the SME Association of MAlaysia, Ms Ada Poon, Chairman of the SME Malaysia (Women Ent. and Young Ent. Division) for leading the visit for everyone to have the opportunity to experience the corporate culture of Beauty In The Pot.

Other attendees included Ms. Miccele Siow, Deputy Chairman of SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Young Entr. Division), Datin Cherlin Cheah, Chairman of the Shanghai Businesswomen Social Club, and other women entrepreneurs.


马来西亚中小企业公会(女企团)第一场交流会来到乐天餐饮集团旗下的知名火锅店~美丽与滋补的【美滋锅Beauty in the Pot】进行一场撼动人心女企业家的分享会。这次的主讲人是乐天集团,PARADISE (F&B) MALAYSIA SDN BHD 的首席执行官 (CEO) — Elyna Tan 陈慧仪。她从事餐饮业,企业营销,业务发展,广告和品牌建设等多种行业已有超过18年的经验,可说是新时代女企业家中的佼佼者。

活动邀请了20位杰出女企业家一同来到 The Gardens Mall 的美滋锅解密。除了能够近距离独家参观餐厅厨房,还可以一览整个餐饮业的准备工序。美滋锅从上至下,从小职位到高层,每一位对于食品卫生控管,以及待客之道都是经过严格的训练和把关。来到美滋锅享用的食客们,都会被他们的食物精致度和服务态度给惊艳到。