Corporate Visit 2.0 O mK Curtain | [企业拜访2.0] 企业的历程与商业模式和女企业家的成功故事

Corporate Visit 2.0 O mK Curtain | [企业拜访2.0] 企业的历程与商业模式和女企业家的成功故事

Women entrepreneurs are increasingly exerting an  invaluable influence in today’s society.

For instance, the second corporate visit organised by the SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Young Entr. Division) was to a well-known local brand, MK Curtain, at its headquarters in Nilai and the keynote speaker of this sharing session was none other than Datin Moon Sze Hui, CEO of MK Curtain Berhad.

From her rich experience in brand management, she has created successful milestones and can be considered as a role model for female entrepreneurs in the new era .

She even successfully expanded MK Curtain’s business by leading more than 400 employees during the difficult pandemic period.

Many outstanding entrepreneurs also participated in this event. In addition to the exclusive visit to its headquarters,

visitors were shown the majestic scale of MK Curtain’s entire factory operations. From small positions to high-level ones, it was discerned that MK Curtain’s employees served their customers with sincerity and are committed towards introducing the best and most suitable products to customers.

Special thanks to Mr Chin Chee Siong, National Vice President of SME Association of Malaysia, and Ms. Ada Poon, Chairman of the SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Young Entr. Division), for leading association members to experience the excellent corporate culture and services of the MK Curtain team.

Other attendees included Dato’ (Dr) Calvin Khiu , Chief Corporate Mentor & Advisor of SME Malaysia (Women Ent. & Young Ent. Division), Ms Miccele Siow, Deputy Chairman of SME Association of Malaysia (Women Entr. & Youth Entr. Division), Mr Winsen Khiu, Team Leader of SME Malaysia (Young Entr. Division), Dr Jamie Chin Siew Keng, Chairman of the SME Association of Malaysia (Negeri Sembilan), Datin Cherlin Cheah, Chairman of Shanghai Businesswomen Social Club and entrepreneurs from different fields.


马来西亚中小企业公会女企团及青年团主办第二场的企业拜访来到了知名品牌【MK Curtain】位于森美兰Nilai的总部进行一场撼动人心企业家的分享会。这次分享会的主讲人是Mk Curtain Berhad的首席执行官 (CEO) — Datin Moon Sze Hui 拿汀温思惠。她对于品牌经营有着非常丰富的经验,可说是新时代女企业家中的楷模。并且带着4百多位员工在艰难的疫情期间,成功发展了更多MK Curtain分店。

众多位杰出企业家一同出席此活动,来到位于森美兰Nilai的Mk Curtain HQ解密。除了能够独家参观其总部以外,还可以一览整个Mk Curtain雄伟的规模。Mk Curtain从上至下,从小职位到高层,每一位都以真心对待顾客,致力于把最好最适合的产品介绍给顾客。

感谢马来西亚中小企业公会全国总副会长陈棋雄和马来西亚中小企业女企团及青年团主席潘艳虹的带领,让大家有机会感受到Mk Curtain团队用心对待顾客的企业文化。

出席者包括马来西亚中小企业公会全国副总会长陈棋雄、马来西亚中小企业公会女企团及青年团顾问“首席企业导师”拿督邱.卡尔文博士、马来西亚中小企业公会女企团及青年团主席潘艳虹、马来西亚中小企业公会女企团及青年团副主席萧莉倩、马来西亚中小企业公会(青年团)团长邱赴胜、 马来西亚中小企业公会(森美兰)主席陈秀群、商海企业家俱乐部主席拿汀谢进潾及多位企业家。