Digital Business Expansion Strategies

Digital Business Expansion Strategies

As technology becomes more and more immersive into organisation and lifestyle of people, the way businesses is conducted has also changed.   More and more businesses are tapping onto the digital economy to cater for the changing consumer behaviour.  Customers buys from the online environment do so for many reasons such as :

  • Price: The online environment often means getting a much better deal than buying from traditional shops
  • Flexibility: Customers crave greater personalization and customization in goods and services than ever before. They want to choose when they get it, how, and for how much. Online buying accommodate individual needs much more than old ways of buying.
  • Ease of use: One of the top reasons people like online platform is because they make it easy to search, find, and purchase exactly what you’re looking for in once place. And user-friendly design makes all of these platforms easier to use

Organisations who have not done so or are still at its infancy stage must look at online strategies as the next phase of growth for their business expansion and must immerse themselves much more into the environment to build a sustainable and profitable business.

This course provides the participants with a comprehensive, integrated and proven step-by-step approach to creating innovative, highly successful products. It focuses on the iterative process that helps participants towards an optimal solution for their whole business. Whether it is the creation of a physical good, a service or the delivery of information, the program breaks down the necessary processes into various steps that any industrious person can learn. In addition, this course will also guide participants in developing growth strategies for their expansion plans. 

 Who is it for?

  • Senior Executives
  • Managers and Senior Managers
  • Head of Departments
  • Business Leads

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurship (DE) and Market Segmentation
  • Customer Persona & Life Cycle Use Case
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Testing Customer Persona
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Business Model and Pricing Appproach
  • Basic Webstore Implementation
  • Sales Process
  • Validate Key Assumptions
  • Viable Business Product
  • Develop Product Plan
  • Develop Market Access Plan

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