Hiring Incentive Programme (PENJANAKERJAYA)

Hiring Incentive Programme (PENJANAKERJAYA)

Hiring Incentive Programme (PENJANAKERJAYA)

Attached the further information (FAQ) on the Hiring Incentive Programme (PenjanaKerjaya) as announced by YAB Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on National Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) on 5th June 2020.

The Hiring Incentive Programme (PenjanaKerjaya) is effective from 15th June 2020 and the closing date for application of the programme is 31st December 2020.

The categories of PenjanaKerjaya are as follows:

  1. #MyApprentice
    (i) The apprentice incentive is for employers who engage local job seekers who are school leavers and graduates as apprentices.
    (ii) An incentive of RM600 per month up to 6 months is payable to an employer for each jobseeker engaged under the apprenticeship or traineeship programmes.
  2. #HireMalaysia. There are three (3) categories under this incentive programme:
    (i) Hire Malaysia 40 An incentive of RM800 per month up to 6 months is payable to an employer for hiring each local jobseeker aged below 40 years.
    (ii) Hire Malaysia 40+ An incentive of RM1,000 per month up to 6 months is payable to an employer for hiring each local jobseeker aged 40 years and above. (N.B. The age of job seekers is based on the date of birth at the time of their applications)
    (iii) Hire Malaysia OKU An incentive of RM1,000 per month up to 6 months is payable to an employer for hiring each local jobseeker who falls under the vulnerable group (golongan mudah terjejas) including people with disabilities (OKU) and participants of SOCSO’s Return to Work Programme.
  3. Mobility Assistance
    (i) A one-off payment of RM600 is payable through the employer to an employee or apprentice hired under PenjanaKerjaya if he has to be relocated over 100km (one way) from his existing place of residence.
    (ii) The one-off payment is RM1,000 if the relocation is interregions from Sabah to Sarawak or to Semenanjung Malaysia or vice-versa.
    (iii) The employee is eligible to receive the mobility assistance only once during the duration of this programme.
  4. Training Programme The programme provides reskilling and upskilling training including place and train based on the requirements of the employers and the employees employed under PenjanaKerjaya.

Application for PenjanaKerjaya is subject to conditions as follows:

  1. The employer is registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), Registrar of Societies (ROS), Registrar of Business (ROB), the local authorities or other organisations before 1 st June 2020.
  2. The employer shall be registered with SOCSO before 1 st June 2020.
  3. The employer shall register job vacancies in MYFutureJobs Portal (www.myfuturejobs.gov.my) from 15th June 2020 or any employment portal registered under the Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 (Act 246).
  4. The employer is employing a jobseeker who is unemployed for at least 2 months (except for MyApprentice).
  5. For purpose of confirmation of job placement, employer shall register job vacancies through MYFutureJobs Portal.
  6. Employees hired under this incentive programme are required to register with MYFutureJobs Portal.
  7. New employees employed under the this incentive programme shall be registered and contributing to SOCSO and EIS at SOCSO ASSIST System.
  8. Employer shall not terminate the service of the existing employee and to substitute him with the same or new employee under and during the period of this incentive programme.
  9. Except for the MyApprentice category, employer shall offer an employment contract of at least one (1) year. However the employer is not required to submit copy of employment contract to SOCSO.
  10. The local jobseeker is of age below 60 years.
  11. The recruitment of employees and the apprentice shall be on or after 15th June 2020.

Training Programme :

  1. Employer who has hired employees (excluding apprentice) under PenjanaKerjaya are eligible to apply for reskilling and upskilling training including place and train programme based on the needs of the jobs and the industry concerned.
  2. The training courses recognized by SOCSO will be listed in details at web site penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my which will be updated from time to time.
  3. The maximum training fee is RM4,000 per employee hired under PenjanaKerjaya;
  4. The training programme will be opened for application from 1 st July 2020.
  5. The employer can select the courses listed under Penjanakerjaya Training Programme at the web site penjanakerjaya.perkeso.gov.my and is required to obtain approval or confirmation from SOCSO.
  6. The duration of the training programme is depending on the type of courses including soft skill, hard skill, transferable skill, occupation-specific and hybrid skills not exceeding 30 days.
  7. After the selection of the courses by the employer, SOCSO will grant approval and issue guarantee letter to be given to the training provider.
  8. The training provider is responsible to submit all documents such as proof of attendance etc. for purpose of payment to the training provider.

For more information, refer to the resources attached:
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