Machinery and Equipment Productivity Nexus (MEPN) has opened the registration for our MEPN Virtual Advisory Clinic (MEVAC) to support SMEs in the M&E industry in rebuilding the business due to the adverse impact of COVID-19. Our MEVAC is FREE for 100 SMEs only.

Are you interested? Do you need Advisory and Consultation?
Deadline for application: 1 May 2020, 5pm

Consultation areas as below:
💰 Financial Consultation – Advisory on challenges and issues faced by machinery and equipment (M&E) industry players in relation to finance and capital including getting assistance from banks, government ministries and agencies during this COVID-19 outbreak to sustain and continue running the company at lowest cost.
⭐️ Innovative Business Operations – Advisory on key elements in innovation business operations and redesigning of business model to fit in current situation and towards flexible downside or expansion; such as value proposition, business activities toward wealth sharing model, agile human resources and staffing, new business partnership & collaboration, quality control, and standard compliance.
💡 Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions – Advisory on the major aspects on intelligent M&E manufacturing setup, and SME may contribute in strengthening the M&E industry in Malaysia. Areas covered may include retrofit / retooling, adaption of digitalisation, semi or full automation, industry 4.0, Robotics, Data Analytic and supply chain in M&E ecosystem.

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