OWF102: Master your skills in ORANGEVISION FORM+

OWF102: Master your skills in ORANGEVISION FORM+

Course Objectives

OrangeVision Form+ uses machine learning to automatically read and process any type of document, accurately extracting text, handwriting, printed material and other data into an editable format. There is a growing demand for the automation of extracting data from printed/handwritten/unreada le PDFs as the difficulty of extracting data means time and money spent on manual labor to go through each document. Therefore, with OrangeVision Form+, participants will be able to extract data from unreadable PDFs in a drastically reduced time with minimal cost, allowing for quick collection of information for analysis and decision making. OrangeVision Form+ is 100% made and owned by fellow Malaysians from OrangeFIN Asia Sdn Bhd.

Upon completion of this course, participants will exhibit a strong understanding of the OrangeVision Form+ platform, and explain the various features and functionalities. Participants will also be able to use the scanner to extract data quickly from unreadable PDFs.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone starting or leading an automation transformation program
  • Application Developers


What you will learn?

  1. Introduction to Orange VisionForm+
    • Describe OrangeVision Form+ and its Components
  2. Business Difficulties
    • Identify and explain the business problems when processing image/unreadable PDF’s
  3. Why you need OrangeVision Form+
    • Identify and explain the benefits of OrangeVision Form+
  4. Walkthrough OrangeVision Form+ Application
    • Identify and explain all the features and functionalities of OrangeVision Form+
  5. OrangVision Form+ Configuration

Application Form

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