Press Release: Annual General Assembly, election of new National Council Members 2018/2020

Press Release: Annual General Assembly, election of new National Council Members 2018/2020

The SME Association of Malaysia held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018 on 1 May, at the Pearl Kuala Lumpur. The new National Council Members 2018/2020 were elected at the AGM:

National President Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong
Deputy National President Ong Chee Tat
National Vice President Kuah Leong Chan, Terence
Chey Onn Wah
Dato’ Tony Looi Chee Hong
Low Pooi Choon
Foo Yen Lay
National Secretary General Tan Sin Su
National Assistant Secretary General Tan Fuu Soon
National Treasurer Ding Hong Sing
National Assistant Treasurer Dato Jeffery Low Boon Hing
National Council Members Ong Yeow Fooi
Chin Chee Seong
Datuk Grace Chia Hui Yen
Yap Keng Teck
Ong Kian Tack
Sylvester Fan Hon Weong
Lai Yaeh Tat
Tony Ting Ching Min
Michelle Hah Mei Kian
Francis Wong Hin Leong (appointed)
James Tan Tien Chong (appointed)


The elected National President, Datuk Michael Kang, expressed his appreciation to the members of the Association for their continuous support. At his inaugural speech, Datuk Michael Kang set forward the major initiatives of the Association in the next three years:

  • To purchase a property of SME Association of Malaysia, which would house the office of the Association and the proposed SME Academy;
  • To establish SME Academy, which will focus on capacity building of MSME and transformation of MSME in the era of IR 4.0;
  • To assist MSME to transform themselves through Digital Leadership pogrammes;
  • To work with HRDF and other related agencies to identify training needs of MSME nationwide;
  • To  establish more branches throughout the country, in order to expand the coverage of SME Association of Malaysia activities and influence
  • To increase the presence of SME Association members in international trade through collaboration with Matrade to go on Trade Missions & exhibitions, collaboration with Embassies on exhibitions and trade missions, and initiate international relations with SME associations in foreign countries (starting with ASEAN)

The initiatives were well-received by the members. The AGM ended with a group photo of the newly elected National Council Members.