SME Malaysia Digital Transformation Seminar







13 major Cities nationwide

Target attendees:

500 to 1000 SMEs

Organized by:

SME Association of Malaysia

Support by:



1. To encourage and promote SMEs in utilizing digital technology to enhance their business processes and in terms to improve business performance.
2. To encourage SMEs to invest in digital technology with introduction of the RM 500 Million SME digitisation initiative matching grand provided by the Government to the SMEs.
3. Introduce the Government cashless initiative. Promote the importance of e-payments to increase the efficiency of the nation’s payment systems.

Proposed Agenda:

8.00 am – 9.00 am: Registration
9.00 am: Welcome speech
9.15 am: Opening Speech by GOH
9.30 am: Presentation by BNM on SME Funding, Banking facilities and Cashless
10.00 am: Tea break
10.15 am: MDEC on digital Transformation
10.30 am: Presentation by BSN/SME Bank on SME Digitisation Grant
11.10 am: MIDA on DDI incentive
11.30 am: MATRADE on SME Export Grant
11.50 am: Technology Solutions providers (each 15 minutes)
12.30 pm: Q & A session and closing
1.00 pm: Lunch and networking
2.00 pm: End