Professional Programme in Aquaponics Vertical Farming

Professional Programme in Aquaponics Vertical Farming

Course Objectives

This programme was developed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the aquaponics vertical farming business.  Unlike a theoretical approach that is practiced by other programmes, this programme puts together real-life practices that has been adopted by farming practitioners in their business.  The programme follows an experiential learning process where the participants are taken through various aspects of the aquaponics farming eco-system.  This involves an intricate approach that goes down to the very detail of even packaging to suit the business and consumer.

This objectives of this programme are as follows:-

  • Enable farming business owners to understand intimate details of the aquaponic vertical farming eco-system
  • To learn how to set-up an aquaponic vertical farming business and understand critical factors for success
  • To understand business and marketing management including branding and packaging for effective market penetration
  • To understand licensing and governmental as well world-wide standards for compliance
  • To learn intimate details on how to produce quality food products

Who is it for?

MSME food processing business owners

What you will learn?

  • Aquaponics Farming Overview
  • Market Identification and Analysis
  • Internal Analysis and Key Success Factors Identification
  • Research, Development and Management
  • Plants Growth Techniques to Maximise Production
  • Fish Breeding Techniques and Management
  • Water Quality Enhancement for Maximising Output
  • Site and Building Considerations and Critical Factors
  • Aquaponic System Design and Set-up
  • Environmental Equipment, Monitoring and Controls using Farm Tech
  • Food and Farm Safety and Sanitation
  • Plant Operations Management
  • Fish Operations Management
  • Financial Costing and Management
  • Marketing and Production Planning and Management
  • Business Planning and Management
  • Personal Planning and Leadership
  • Mentoring

Application Form

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