Professional Programme in Business Investment and Financial Pitching

Professional Programme in Business Investment and Financial Pitching

Course Objectives

This programmes enables ready SMEs to develop effective business investment strategies and financial pitching as well as business strategies to scale their business and overcome challenges in trying times.  It combines critical theoretical aspects and practice by industry practitioners to develop the critical aspects of a sustainable business.

This objective of this programme is as follows:-

  • Enables SMEs to develop compelling business investment strategies
  • To understand critical success factors in developing a sustainable business
  • To build an effective financial pitching
  • To develop an innovation and creative organisation
  • To build effective marketing strategies for business growth and scale

Who is it for?

MSME business owners

What you will learn?

  • Market Disruption Analysis
  • Internal Analysis and Key Success Factors Identification
  • Gap Analysis and Business Model Remodelling
  • Business Strategies and Planning
  • Innovation and Creative Thinking for product development
  • Digitalisation and Operations Optimisation
  • Go to Market Strategies and Planning
  • Talent Management and Optimisation
  • Performance Management and Feedback loops
  • Financial Modelling, Management and Analysis
  • Investment Strategies and Valuation Methods
  • Business Pitching
  • Mentoring

Application Form

Apply through the from below and our team will get back to you within 3 working days.