Growth Hacking to SkyRocket Conversion

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2019-01-16 09:00:00

Foundation Of Business Growth

Jan 2019 Intake

2019-01-08 09:00:00

Business Growth

Discovering Your Customer

2019-01-09 09:00:00

Retargeting: How To Reach Your Most Profitable Audience

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2019-01-11 10:00:00

Facebook Masterclass

Lower your costs and increase sales

2019-01-16 09:00:00


Increase User Growth with Effective User Experience

2019-01-16 09:00:00

5 Steps To Starting Your First Marketing Campaign

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2019-01-18 10:00:00

How to Turn your Data into Money

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2019-01-25 10:00:00


Growth Optimization and Strategies

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User Experience Design and Usability Methods

2019-01-09 09:00:00

National Conference on Industry 4.0

The Conference is intended to update the business community and SMEs on the challenges and opportunities arises from Industry 4.0. It will help to highlight the Government’s transformation plans for the 4th Industrial Revolution and evaluate the key trends and strategic issues that will result from the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Conference will also share strategies on how companies and SMEs can better prepare for digital disruption and industry 4.0. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, virtual reality, big data analytics on business and SMEs will be identified. The Conference will assist business and SMEs to break barriers and embark on the Industry 4.0 journey. More importantly, the Conference will facilitate the participation in Industry 4.0. The key gaps in talent, technology and funding will be discussed.

2019-03-21 08:30:00