SME Association Of Malaysia Calls For Body To Appraise Industry Consultants Qualifications | 出一份力,帮助为我们服务的前线英雄战士

SME Association Of Malaysia Calls For Body To Appraise Industry Consultants Qualifications | 出一份力,帮助为我们服务的前线英雄战士

THE SME Association of Malaysia has called for an organisation to be formed to appraise the qualifications of industry consultants as well as to develop certification standards and industry norms.

“At present there is no agency or body that conducts certification and appraisal of consultants in the country, ” said SME Malaysia president Datuk Michael Kang.

“Last year, SME Malaysia had a discussion with the Government to appraise consultants in various industries. Already, Singapore, Europe and the United States have certification for consultants, ” he said.

He hopes that next year the Government could pass a bill to set certification standards for consultants. The consultants could then apply for accreditation with the organisation concerned, which in turn could set fee rates to prevent businesses from being deceived by unscrupulous consultants who do not fulfil their responsibilities after charging their clients.

Datuk Kang said this at a recent discourse entitled, Malaysia SME Compass, which was broadcast “live” on Facebook, in which he analysed the new normal for businesses, the development and steady growth of enterprises besides answering questions from online audiences. He was among four entrepreneurs who were invited to share their thoughts on a post-pandemic navigation route for businesses. The other speakers were AmLeisure Group Berhad and Space Hotel founder Ada Poon; SBH Advisory Firm founder and financial advisor Sam Tsen; and business succession planner Teh Gaik Cheong, who is chief executive officer of G Life Group Sdn Bhd.

The speakers touched on topics such as how SMEs can receive government support, how to create and stabilise cash flow, and business succession plans.

Ms Poon, who was appointed chairman of SME Malaysia’s Women Entrepreneurs and Young Entrepreneurs division this year, said the series of SME Malaysia “live” broadcasts on Facebook had invited corporate professionals from various fields to share information on different topics and lead in innovative thinking.

Ms Poon, who is the project chairman and host of the event, said the sessions featured six market leaders. Aside from the aforementioned Datuk Kang and Tsen, the others were businessmen Datuk Dr Calvin Khiu and Datuk Eric Chong, lawyer Gan Peng Seau, and physician Dr Kris See.

The sessions were organised by Go Traz and Angel CEO Partner, and supported by SME Malaysia to raise funds for Covid-19 frontliners. The recent broadcast garnered 178,000 views and raised RM130,688, while MK Curtain came in with a sponsorship of 10,000 face masks.

Funds raised at the sessions will be donated to the frontliners via the association’s “We Care, We Share” initiative.

Government incentives

According to Datuk Kang, the Government has provided various incentives and financial assistance to SMEs to alleviate their difficulties and achieve transformation, including enterprise automation and digitisation, and human resource development.

Those who met the qualifications only need to log on to the official website and submit an application to receive financial assistance, he revealed.

Due to the pandemic, companies may face the problems of cash cut-offs and he suggested that business owners negotiate directly with banks to extend their loan repayment periods after October.

He urged more businesses to join SME Malaysia (formerly SMI Association of Malaysia), which was established in 1995 to promote and provide support, services and solutions towards the best interest of small and medium industries, enterprises and businesses.

SME Malaysia creates dynamic and competitive enterprises, and assists the business community to convey feedback to the Government as SMEs are seen as the engines that drive the nation’s economy.

Bank on banks

Mr Tsen stressed on the importance of making good use of banking leverages to operate businesses.

Although bank lending conditions have become more stringent since the pandemic, he said that as long as businesses had the correct information, they could quickly obtain various financial assistance packages provided by the Government and banks.

He reminded that it is necessary to keep good accounting records, complete bank records of income and expenditure, have zero record of deferred payments, and no credit card usage exceeding 80% of the limit – all of which can help businesses obtain loans or funding approval with greater ease.

Mr Tsen also said the Government would also provide a three-year incentive for new companies with an annual income tax rebate of RM20,000.

Have a plan

Mr Teh emphasised that it is important for businesses to have a business succession plan to avoid cash flow traps and other pitfalls.

“If handled properly, it will be beneficial to the continuance and development of the company and establish effective communication solutions to prevent the risk of corporate collapse, ” he said.

As the pandemic has hit businesses hard, “in order to bail out, businesses can get financial aid through insurance financial management tools.

“They can use the cash dividends of traditional insurance policies or the investment value of joint insurance policies to get financial aid within seven days.

“But one needs to seek professional advice from insurance agents for proper planning, ” he advised.

For more information on these incentives and assistance, contact SME Malaysia 03-8024 5737 or go to


(吉隆坡2020年8月4日讯)一场突如其来的新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情到今天,全国人民仍然还在继续抗“疫“。而我们也可以看到各个领域的前线人员尤其是最前方的医疗团队很奔波的给予支援和协助,日夜不停地进行 抗议工作。他们的挺身而出成为了疫情战争中最美的天使!

马来西亚中小企业公会呼吁成立一个组织来评估行业顾问的资格,并制定认证标准和行业规范。马来西亚中小企业公会全国总会长拿督江华强表示目前大马并没有机构或组织对顾问进行认证和评估。“ 去年,马来西亚中小企业公会与政府进行了讨论,以评估各个行业的顾问包括新加坡、欧洲和美国已经获得了顾问认证” 他说道。并且希望明年政府能够通过一项法案,为顾问制定认证标准。顾问可以向机构申请认证,机构可以设定收费标准,防止企业被不道德的顾问欺骗,这些顾问在向客户收费后不履行职责。




今年被委任为马来西亚中小企业公会女企团及青年主席潘艳虹为《企业导航》节目主持人,邀请嘉宾包括马来西亚中小企业公会全国总会长拿督江华强、OE杰青商学院创办人兼董事长拿督邱.卡尔文博士,马来西亚中华总商会总会长拿督张启扬、顏炳壽律师、薛科翔醫以及SBH Corporate Group Sdn Bhd创办人曾玟傑,共同起为 Covid-19 前线人员筹集资金。访谈节目中获得了 178,000 次浏览并筹集了 130,688 令吉,同时 MK Curtain 也赞助了 10,000 个口罩。





他相信受疫情影响,企业可能面临现金断流的问题,因此他建议企业主直接与银行协商,将贷款还款期延长至10月之后。另外,他敦促更多企业家加入 SME Malaysia(前身为SMI Association of Malaysia),该协会成立于 1995 年,旨在促进和提供支持、服务和解决方案,以实现中小企业的最佳利益。




SBH Consultancy创办人曾玟傑强调,企业家须善用银行杠杆来经营业务。虽然自疫情以来银行贷款条件变得更加严格,但企业只要掌握了正确的信息,就可以迅速获得政府和银行提供的各种经济援助。他说道,要保持良好的会计记录,完整的银行收支记录,零延期付款记录,信用卡使用量不超过限额的80%——只需符合上述条件都可以帮助企业更容易获得贷款或资金批准。同时,政府还将为新公司提供为期三年的奖励,每年可退税 20,000 令吉。



G Life Group Sdn Bhd执行董事郑毓璋强调,企业必须制定业务继任计划,以避免现金流陷阱和其他陷阱。“如果处理得当,将有利于公司的持续发展,建立有效的沟通解决方案,防止公司倒闭的风险,” 他说。


最后直播节目结束前,主持人呼吁大众若想了解更多有关企业发展资讯,可联络马来西亚中小企业公会热线 03-8024 5737 或上网寻求方。