[SME Talent Workshop] Branding & Recruiting Gen Z Talent for SMEs

[SME Talent Workshop] Branding & Recruiting Gen Z Talent for SMEs

SME Talent Workshop Hiring Gen Z Talent

Dear SME Association members,

SME Talent Workshop : Branding & Recruiting Gen Z Talent for SMEs

As digitalisation continues to change the business landscape, SMEs need to keep up and stay competitive. By 2025, Gen Z will make up one-third of the workforce and will significantly impact the future success of businesses, especially in driving digitalisation.

In this workshop titled “Branding & Recruiting Gen Z for SMEs”, we’ll discuss Gen Z Talent and the best ways for SMEs to attract and hire them. By understanding the unique characteristics of Gen Z and adapting to their needs, SMEs can create a productive workforce that will drive digitalisation and ensure sustainable business success in the long run.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

Part 1:
– Understanding Gen Z’s characteristics and needs
– Challenges and opportunities of hiring Gen Z talent
– Effective recruitment strategies to attract Gen Z through various channels

Part 2:
– How to create a job description that appeals to Gen Z
– How to showcase employer branding that resonates with Gen Z
– How to assess Gen Z candidates to determine if they are a good fit

Workshop Date Slots:
1) 16 May (Tue), 9am – 11am
2) 25 May (Thu), 9am – 11am
3) 1 Jun (Thu), 9am – 11am

Platform: Online Zoom Webinar

Register here: https://sme-talent-recruiting-branding-gen-z-workshop.eventbrite.sg




在这个题为“赢取Z世代人才,品牌魅力不可少!” 的工作坊中,我们将探讨Z世代人才和中小企业吸引和招聘他们的最佳策略。通过了解Z世代的独特特点并适应他们的需求,中小企业可以建立一支高效的团队,推动数字化发展,并确保长期的可持续业务成功。


– 了解Z世代的人才特点和需求
– 探讨招聘Z世代人才的挑战与机遇
– 分享通过各种渠道制定有效的招聘策略吸引Z世代人才

– 如何打造吸引Z世代的职位描述
– 如何展示与Z世代共鸣的雇主品牌形象
– 如何评估Z世代候选人以确定是否合适

1) 19th April (星期三), 9am – 11am
2) 28th April (星期五), 9am – 11am

平台:Online Zoom Webinar

马上注册: https://sme-talent-recruiting-branding-gen-z-workshop.eventbrite.sg