The Growth of your Business is at Stake Without Digitalisation

The Growth of your Business is at Stake Without Digitalisation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to stay relevant in their respective industry. Most companies have enforced a remote work model and adopted digital channels to promote their products/services. A change that would have taken months or even years, happened practically overnight due to the lockdown.

Some businesses are fortunate enough to restart or rebuild post-lockdown by executing standard operating procedures imposed by the government. However, some are unable to sustain losses and are forced to cease their business.

When done right, a successful digital transformation will make your business accessible not only to existing customers but also to newer ones, becoming much more competitive and able to create growth opportunities.

3 Digitalisation Tips that will sustain your business

  1. Consider getting a website or updating an existing one
    During the pandemic, if someone is thinking about utilizing your services or buying from your business, almost 100% of the time they will explore your website first.
    A well-designed website provides your customers product details, enables them to engage with you should they have queries and it allows them to make a purchase instantly anytime of the day.
  2. Add e-commerce to your website
    Businesses are shifting towards online marketplaces during this pandemic. Many businesses that were not equipped to sell online previously have come to realise that e-Commerce may be the most viable option to sustain their business. There are many e-Commerce options for websites such as Woocommerce (WordPress), OpenCart, Magento, WordPress and so on. They can be easily integrated with Ozopay payment gateway to offer your customers multiple payment options such as Credit cards, e Wallets or FPX safe & secure. And all these options will not break the bank to implement them.
  3. Make use of social media marketing
    As people are forced to stay at home and practice social distancing, many are looking for ways to connect with one another, and social media is filling that void. During the pandemic, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO reported that usage on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger “has more than doubled since the start of the crisis.” By capitalising on this, you can start building your own following or audience on social media. For those that have built your own following, be mindful that it’s important to continue engaging your audience.

However, if you’re running a conventional business without a website or lacking the technical skills to set one up, fret not.

Ozopay has made payment collection and management really simple. You do not need a website to get started. Whether you are selling on Facebook, Instagram or via Whatsapp, Ozopay’s link payment allows you to simply send your customers a payment link to complete a transaction.

Why is Ozopay the best solution for your online business?

  1. Ozopay has ZERO setup fee and no upfront cost to upon signing up.
  2. Ozopay promises fast settlement of T + 2 when it comes to releasing funds after payment confirmation. This is very essential as good cash flow will determine the sustainability of a business.
  3. Ozopay offers low MDR so you can save more & maximise your online profits. There are various pricing plans available, making it more affordable for all businesses to opt in.
  4. Let buyers pay how they want with multiple payment methods i.e. Visa, Mastercard, FPX, eWallets: Boost, Touch ‘n Go eEwallet, GrabPay, PrestoPay, WeChat Pay, Alipay.
  5. Ozopay has easy shopping cart integrations (most popular online shopping carts available in the market today are supported).
  6. No website is needed to get started. Just send your customers a payment link option for businesses selling on Facebook or Instagram ensuring a low barrier of entry in terms of technical knowledge.
  7. First year annual fee is waived for SMEs and 2nd year onwards only RM359 annually.
  8. No security deposit upfront, to be debited from sales transactions.
  9. An easy-to-use dashboard is provided for businesses to manage and keep track of all transactions with a reporting functionality.

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